Debt Happens. I'm Here to Help.

Debt happens.

Most people have debt. The average American has over $48,000 in debt. Often this involves a mortgage, a car payment, and perhaps a few credit cards or student loans.  

Most people have every intention of paying what they owe, but sometimes, well, “stuff happens”.  Illness, layoffs, family emergencies, unemployment, divorce, and other crises can cause responsible people not to be able to pay their bills.

When that happens, then debt becomes a debt problem.

I am a debtor’s attorney because I want to help people get out of this modern day “debtor’s prison”.  I understand that bad debt can happen to good people. Everyone makes mistakes and anyone can have a string of bad luck. People have rights and protections under the law that the banks, credit card companies, and collections agencies don’t want you to know about. I want to make sure that people know their rights and know how to use them so that they can fairly deal with their creditors and get their financial lives back on track.

If your debt has become a prison for you, take the first step to break free.  Call to schedule an appointment today!